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    Ellen Gronwald( *27. March 1980 in Frankfurt am Main, Hessen, Germany ) is a performance artist and actrice. Her theater work began in Studiobühne Köln in 2002. Followed by two years at Jugendclub Schauspielhaus Köln focused on dance elements for the first time. From 2008 to 2011 she turned back to Studiobühne Köln with the theatre collective „lichtgestalteN“. Physical training and conversion of a subject into physical pictures were characteristic fot this group. Removed to Berlin where she began her education (2008 - 2012) at Tatwerk directed by Samuel Nunez. Integral theater work by Stanislavski, Grotowski and Artaud , contact improvisation, contemporary dance and butho elements were important components of her training. During this time the performance groups „Der Lack ist ab“ and "MDVZ" emerge, in which language was used very minimally and was translated into physical, intuitive pictures. In parallel with her stage work she worked in some student short films and TV productions as an actrice. Right now he starts to plan a collaboration project with her husband a travelling audiovisual sciencefiction performance.


    2010           :   Coaching at Horst Markgraf - Berlin

    2008 - 2012:   Integral theater work by Stanislavski, Grotowski and Artaud at Tatwerk - Berlin



    2014   "The Lovers" New Media Performance : Jupiter Moll, Gronwald , Rote Fabrik - Zurich -2014

    2013  "TEA dance europe express" Performer Kathrin Keusch, Helene Heuser, Radja Juschka, Michael Neuber, Marc CarreraEllen Gronwald, musicians: David Burba, Director: Marc Carrera, 100 ° Festival Sophiensaele / OutNow Festival Bremen




    2012  "WELTUNTERGANG" Performance, Marina Epp, Kasia Kafel, Alfredo Bautista, Jayrope, Marc Carrera, Loui, Ellen Gronwald,Initiation: Ellen Gronwald, Tatwerk.Berlin 
    „Der Lack ist ab“ Performance, Marina Epp, Kasia Kafel, Ellen Gronwald, month of performance, Tatwerk.Berlin




    „Die geschlossene Gesellschaft“ of Sartre, Rolle: Garcin,  Tatwerk Berlin
    „KunsTraum – wenn die Nacht am Tiefsten ist“, Performance: Bohr, Glaus, Sommer, Schmid, Gronwald,  Fumettofestival Luzern
    „Wenn der Tag am Nächsten ist“, Performance: Frederike Bohr, Ellen Gronwald, Le Bloc Festival Köln
    „Am Ende der Wald“, Performance: Frederike Bohr, Ellen Gronwald,  Am Ende der Wald-Sommerfest Biesenthal




    "Into The Wild" Performance: Frederike Bohr, Jan Arlt, Ellen Gronwald, Art Night at the Wallraf Museum Cologne 
    „Offene Zweierbeziehung“ by Dario Fo,  Rolle: Antonia,  R: Samuel Nunez, Christian Gohlke, Ellen Gronwald, Tatwerk Berlin
    „Ein stück Sport“, Marina Epp, Ellen Gronwald, Tatwerk Berlin




    "WEIB.LICHt.KEIT" lichtgestalten, Studiobühne Cologne 
    "Maratsade" Performance, R: Samuel Nunez, deed, Berlin




    2008 - 2011 
    „Wir werden siegen und das ist erst der Anfang“ (by Peter Licht), scenic attempt lichtgestalten, Cologne




    "Theaterzwang", Dortmund 
    "No (r) way Today", R: Sarah ringer, Theaterzwang Festival / Studiobühne




    Author "Swan Lake" and "The person you've called ..." 
    Readings "greed" by Sarah Kane, "The Youth Games", R: Konrad Knieling, Cologne




    Youth Club "Swan Lake", R: Siegfried, R: Anja Kolacek, Schauspielhaus Cologne




    Youth Club "The person you've called is temporarily not available", R: the disabled, R: Anja Kolacek, Schauspielhaus Cologne




    "Die Kunst der Fuge“ , R: the bass, R: Jens Kuklig, Studiobühne Köln








    Short: "The Inner Light", HR: Klara, R: Benjamin Noble, HFF München / BR




    Diploma film "Nomad", HR: Alina, R: Victor Brim, HFF Potsdam




    TV: "Soko Leipzig - Zobel case, Part I & II" R: Mandy grains, R: Patrick Winscewksi, P: UFA / ZDF 
    Short: "Ochs am Berg", R: Young Woman R: Désirée Pfenninger, HFF




    Short: "no quick fix", R: Altenpflegerin Ellen, R: Stefan Bergmann, KHM 
    Short: "strays" HR: Yola, R: Leonie Krippendorf, HFF




    TV: "The Tower", R: Alexandra Less, R: Schwochow, Teamworx, ARD 
    TV: "Commissioner Stolberg" R: Laura, R: Andi Niessner, Michael Schneider, Network Movie, ZDF


    TV: "metropolitan area - Katzenjammer" EHR: Caro Junghans, R: Guido Peters, Studio HH, ARD 
    Short film: "Behind the Sea", HR: Rike, R: Smina Bluth, HFF Potsdam








    TV: "Soko-Cologne - Exit" R: Aura, R: Axel Barth, ZDF 
    Short: "As the Raven", R: Sarah, R: M. Maffo Bittner, Arte / SWR, Ludwigsburg Film Academy 
    TV: "Soko Wismar - Deadly Spell" EHR: Anna Korth, R: Peter Altmann, ZDF




    TV: "Stubbe - Solstice", EHR: Janine Lehmann, R: Peter Kahane, ZDF 
    Short: "Just for one night," HR: Chris R: Matthias Krumrey, Film Kassel 
    Short: "The dispute between the orphan girl", R: Helène, R: Sven Fox, Film Academy Baden-Württemberg, Arte




    Short film: "Black Waves", HR: Anna, R: Jana Papenbroock, Academy of Media Arts Cologne 
    Short: "night snack" R: Girl R: Martin Katz, BR 3




    TV: "Rabe children," HR: Zora, R: Nicole Weegmann, SWR / WDR




    Cinematic play "No (r) way Today", HR: Julie, R: Sarah ringer, Studiobühne Köln 
    "Haltlos" R: Eva, R: Sebastian Fritsch, Academy of Media Arts Cologne




    "Farouk's Café", R: the girl with the Walkman, R: Sebastian and Celine, Academy of Media Arts Cologne



    2013 : " TEE - dance europe express " - Jury Award at the 100 ° Festival Sophiensaele -Berlin


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